Consultation Policy

– All consultation services (whether paid or unpaid) are limited to the time period booked. For cases involving complex or lengthy issues, it may not be possible to cover all the issues within a single session.

– To ensure the best use of the allocated time, service users should ensure all questions and relevant information are submitted 48 hours ahead of the appointment time.

– We commit to providing accurate and comprehensive answers, however cannot guarantee that an eligible visa pathway is identified.

– Short, unpaid discovery consultations are limited to discussion of general migration concepts. It may not be possible to give detailed advice in these sessions. We may direct the service user to a more appropriate service it is determined that a more detailed consultation is required.

– Advice given in all sessions (whether paid or unpaid) is given on the on the basis of the theoretical scenario provided by the service user. We do not undertake to verify the information or documentation provided, and take no responsibility for losses or delays resulting from errors or omissions from either party. Service users are recommended to check and verify all information that we provide.

– Provision of consultation services (whether paid or unpaid) does not invite or create a client-migration agent relationship between us and the service user, unless we explicitly agree to represent the service user in their migration matter. To the extent permitted by law, we expressly exclude all liability for loss or damage arising from the service user’s use of, or reliance on, the general information given through the service.

– We adhere to the Migration Agents Code of Conduct. In some cases, the Code may require a Service Agreement to be signed before assistance can be given. In such cases, the service user will be informed before the consultation date.


– The service user may request to cancel or reschedule the consultation by emailing Requests must be made prior to the agreed appointment time.

– Requests received less than 24 hours prior to the agreed appointment time will incur a $75 administration fee, which must be paid in full before any future consultation can take place.

– For cancellation requests, the service user will receive a refund of any amounts paid, less any outstanding administration fees and transaction fees.

– For rescheduling requests, the service user will be offered an alternative appointment time. If the alternative time is not acceptable, the service user may make a cancellation request, subject to the above clauses.

– In exceptional circumstances, our agent may be unable to attend at an agreed appointment time. In such cases, we will offer an alternative appointment time in the first instance. If the offer is not acceptable, the service user will be entitled to cancel the appointment and receive a full refund of any amounts paid.

– The service user is not entitled to any other refunds outside of the circumstances stated above.


– The service user must join the meeting at the agreed appointment time by following the instructions sent by us.

– The service user must notify us prior to the agreed appointment time if the service user will be late or unable to join the meeting for any reason.

– Any portion of the consultation time missed through the service user’s non-attendance is considered forfeit, whether or not prior notification is given. The service user will not be entitled to any refund in such cases, unless we agree otherwise.

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