Offshore Contributory Parent Visa (Subclasses 143/173)

These visas allow you to live and settle in Australia if you are the parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

The subclass 173 visa is a temporary visa allowing a 2 year stay, whilst the 143 visa is a permanent visa.

These visas have substantial application charges, however applicants can spread the cost over a number of years through a 2-step process, by first applying for the temporary visa, then applying for the permanent visa later.

If you are worried about encountering issues or restrictions when applying for this visa, we may be able to help. Please contact us for more information.


As part of the specific visa requirements, you may have to:

As part of the general eligibility requirements, employees may have to:

If you cannot meet one or more of these requirements, contact us to discuss possible options.

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